The Multiple Applications and Benefits of Psychology in Society

How Does Psychology Benefit Society?

Psychology is a fascinating field of study that has many different applications. While some of those applications are more obvious than others, they all make a difference in human lives.

Psychologists have been instrumental in promoting LGBTQ+ rights, campaigning against conversion therapy and raising awareness of the harms of poverty. They also provide core research that public policy draws from.

Mental health

Psychology has a profound impact on human health. It provides a framework for understanding our thoughts and emotions, helping us to overcome roadblocks that prevent us from living full, healthy lives. It can also help to change and control behavior, for example, classical conditioning has been used to treat phobias.

Psychologists have long fought for a fairer world, from helping disadvantaged children in schools to fighting discrimination in all its forms. They have also contributed to research and development of cutting-edge technology, such as deep brain stimulation, which may eventually be able to cure certain mental health conditions.

Aspiring psychologists should be aware that their work has much more value than just lying on a couch with a therapist. Their work has the potential to address a range of social issues, such as poverty, sexual harassment, policies that hurt vulnerable refugees and environmental degradation. This is why it’s so important for psychologists to communicate their research effectively.


When most people think of psychology, they picture a person lying on a couch talking to a professional counselor. While psychotherapy and counselling are important parts of the field, they only make up a small part of the overall work psychologists do. They are also teachers, researchers and community leaders.

Psychologists study the human mind and behavior, using data to formulate theories. They use this knowledge to help treat mental illness, teach children in schools, and advise policy makers and corporations. They can even help in addressing social issues like poverty.

The study of psych helps people understand the innermost thoughts and beliefs that drive their daily choices. This understanding can help them limit their biases and develop a greater sense of empathy for others. It can also make them better decision-makers and improve their personal growth. The study of psych also gives them a strong foundation for future careers. Many psych students go on to pursue careers in business, law and medicine.

Social justice

The field of positive psychology is focused on the study of conditions that promote optimal functioning and a healthy view of life. It includes ideas like happiness, optimism, hope, and resilience. This approach is different from the treatment of mental illnesses, which typically focuses on pathology.

Psychologists who practice social justice believe that everyone deserves access to the basic necessities, such as food, shelter, and clean water. They also advocate for better education opportunities for all people. This is important because people with a good education are more likely to get a job and climb out of poverty.

In addition, psychologists can work to reduce the effects of deep poverty on individuals and communities. This can be done by changing perceptions of poverty, supporting policy changes that increase safety-net programmes, and improving clinical practices regarding poorer individuals. They can also help with community empowerment, which is the process of increasing a person’s ability to control their own life.


Poverty affects people in ways that go beyond the obvious lack of income and material resources. It can be a source of stress, anxiety and depression. It also causes poor people to live in the present, with very short planning horizons. As a result, they may be forced to choose between paying for a child’s schooling or buying medicine. In some cases, they may even be forced to take dangerous jobs that threaten their health.

Psychologists work with a variety of groups to improve their lives. For example, counseling psychologists are trained to help with major life transitions like coming out as a gay person, becoming a parent or making a career change. Humanistic psychology focuses on the study of positive aspects of human nature and views humans as intrinsically good, according to GoodTherapy. It also focuses on counseling and therapy and is heavily influenced by Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory. It is important for psychologists to understand the importance of poverty in order to be effective advocates and promote social justice.

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